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50 Caliber Rifle Construction Manual - Bill Holmes - Paladin Press.pdf2018-09-25 22:094.7M
AK-47_ AK-74 Headspace Checks.pdf2018-09-25 22:10274.8K
AR-15 Lower Receiver Step-by-Step_Machining.pdf2018-09-25 22:104.8M
AR-15_Scratch-Built_Receiver_Blueprint.pdf2018-09-25 22:10951.8K
AR-15A2 Rifle Diagram.pdf2018-09-25 22:13142.3K
Browning .50 Target Rifle (BMG) - GunMetal Designs - Blueprints.pdf2018-09-25 22:111.1M
Charter_Bulldog_44.pdf2018-09-25 22:142.5M
Charter_Undercover_38.pdf2018-09-25 22:14297.5K
Colt 1911 Blueprints (18 pages).pdf2018-09-25 22:123.3M
Expedient Homemade Firearms - BSP 9mm SMG - P.A Luty.pdf2018-09-25 22:129.3M
Home Expedient Firearms - 9mm SMG.pdf2018-09-25 22:055.6M
Improvised Mini Machine Pistol.pdf2018-09-25 22:051.6M
Micro UZI Machine Pistol Sem-Auto Modification Manual.pdf2018-09-25 22:0410.2M
UZI Receiver (Group Industries)_ Milling & Machining of.pdf2018-09-25 22:136.4M