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01 Speech Recognition Using Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:02970.7K
03 Neural Network Toolbox.PDF2018-01-22 18:024.9M
04 Artificial Neural Network a Tutorial.PDF2018-01-22 18:023.1M
05 Neural Networks in Finance.pdf2018-01-22 18:023.5M
06 Foundations of Neural Networks Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Engineering.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.2M
07 Computational and Neural Systems Series.PDF2018-01-22 18:0210.1M
08 C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.1M
09 Handbook Of Neural Network.pdf2018-01-22 18:0212.9M
10 Recurrent Neural Networks Design And Applications.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.6M
11 Neural Network Modeling Statistical Mechanics and Cybernetic Perspectives.PDF2018-01-22 18:026.8M
12 Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:024.2M
13 Neural Networks In Healthcare.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.6M
14 Artificial Neural Networks in Real Life Application.PDF2018-01-22 18:029.6M
15 Learning and Soft Computing.PDF2018-01-22 18:0268.2M
16 The Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural.pdf2018-01-22 18:0226.6M
17 Analysis and Application of Artificial Neural Networks.PDF2018-01-22 18:0211.9M
18 Recurrent Neural Networks for Prediction.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.6M
20 Fusion of Neural Networks Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms.pdf2018-01-22 18:026.5M
22 Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:025.9M
23 Industrial Applications of Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:028.8M
25 Evolutionary synthesis of analog networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:026.0M
26 Data Mining Process Using Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:0211.2M
27 Static and Dynamic Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:0223.8M
28 Neural Networks Algorithms Applications and Programming Techniques.pdf2018-01-22 18:0310.0M
29 Fundamentals of Neural Networks Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications.pdf2018-01-22 18:0327.9M
30 Information Theory Pattern Recognition And Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:038.4M
31 Neural Networks a Comprehensive Foundation.pdf2018-01-22 18:0340.4M
33 Neural Networks For Instrumentation Measurement And Related Industrial Applications.pdf2018-01-22 18:0326.6M
A Roadmap for Cognitive Development in Humanoid Robots - D. vernon, C von Hofsten, L. Fadiga.pdf2018-01-22 18:033.6M
Approximate Reasoning by Parts.pdf2018-01-22 18:033.3M
artificial general intelligence (2007).pdf2018-01-22 18:035.7M
artificial intelligence (luger, 6th, 2008).pdf2018-01-22 18:034.0M
artificial intelligence - a modern approach (3rd, 2009).pdf2018-01-22 18:0314.9M
artificial intelligence for games (2nd, 2009).pdf2018-01-22 18:034.1M
Combinatorial Machine Learning.pdf2018-01-22 18:031.9M
Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Multi-Valued Neurons - I. Aizenberg.pdf2018-01-22 18:034.1M
Contemporary Methods for Speech Parameterization.pdf2018-01-22 18:031.8M
Context-Aware Ranking with Factorization Models.pdf2018-01-22 18:032.0M
Design of Intelligent Systems Based on Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Nature-Inspired Optimization.pdf2018-01-22 18:0319.2M
Elementary Recursion Theory and its Application to formal systems - S. Kripke.pdf2018-01-22 18:03694.7K
Emotional Cognitive Neural Algorithms with Engineering Applications - L. Perlovsky, R. Deming, R. Ilin.pdf2018-01-22 18:033.2M
Emotional Engineering.pdf2018-01-22 18:038.4M
Ensembles in Machine Learning Applications.pdf2018-01-22 18:034.2M
From Curve Fitting to Machine Learning - A. Zielesny.pdf2018-01-22 18:036.5M
Fusion Methods for Unsupervised Learning Ensembles - B. Baruque, E. Corchado.pdf2018-01-22 18:032.8M
Fuzzy Logic, A Practical Approach - F. M. McNeill, E. Thro.pdf2018-01-22 18:036.1M
Fuzzy-Like Multiple Objective Decision Making.pdf2018-01-22 18:036.8M
Gas Turbines Modeling, Simulation, and Control: Using Artificial Neural Networks.pdf2018-01-22 18:0312.8M
Handling Emotions in Human-Computer Dialogues.pdf2018-01-22 18:033.4M
Hybrid Random Fields - A. Freno, E. Trentin.pdf2018-01-22 18:032.3M
Intelligent Surveillance Systems - H. Qian, X. Wu, Y Xu.pdf2018-01-22 18:034.2M
Intelligent Systems - C. Grosan, A. Abraham.pdf2018-01-22 18:037.0M
Issues in the Use of Neural Networks in Information Retrieval.pdf2018-01-22 18:037.4M
knowledge representation and reasoning (2004).pdf2018-01-22 18:032.3M
Knowledge Seeker, Ontology Modelling for Information Search and Management.pdf2018-01-22 18:036.7M
Mobile Learning.pdf2018-01-22 18:034.5M
Modeling Intention in Email - V. R. Carvalho.pdf2018-01-22 18:031.4M
Neural Network Design 2nd Edition.pdf2018-01-22 18:0311.3M
Neural Network Design-BOOK-Hagan.pdf2018-01-22 18:0310.2M
Neural Networks And Information Theory.pdf2018-01-22 18:032.2M
Neural Networks and Statistical Learning.pdf2018-01-22 18:0313.1M
Neural Networks in Chemistry and Drug Design.pdf2018-01-22 18:039.9M
pattern recognition and machine learning solutions.pdf2018-01-22 18:03883.1K
prediction, learning, and games (2006).pdf2018-01-22 18:035.5M
Probabilistic Inference Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods - R. M. Neal.pdf2018-01-22 18:031017.6K
Qualitative Analysis and Control of Complex Neural Networks with Delays.pdf2018-01-22 18:035.5M
reinforcement learning - an introduction (1998).pdf2018-01-22 18:034.0M
Replication of Chaos in Neural Networks, Economics and Physics.pdf2018-01-22 18:0332.3M
Robust Control of Robots - A. A. G. Siqueira, M. H. Terra, M. Bergeman.pdf2018-01-22 18:034.7M
Self-Learning Speaker Identification.pdf2018-01-22 18:032.1M
speech and language processing (2nd, 2007).pdf2018-01-22 18:0318.9M
Speech Processing and Soft Computing.pdf2018-01-22 18:031.8M
Speech Spectrum Analysis.pdf2018-01-22 18:036.3M
The Computational Complexity of Machine Learning - M. J. Kearns.pdf2018-01-22 18:03776.6K
the quest for AI - a history of ideas and achievements (2010).pdf2018-01-22 18:0315.3M
The Standard ML Basis Manual.pdf2018-01-22 18:031.3M
universal artificial intelligence (2005).pdf2018-01-22 18:0317.5M