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A Salad of Block Ciphers.pdf2018-01-22 18:102.6M
Algebraic Curves and Finite Fields: Cryptography and Other Applications.pdf2018-01-22 18:101.6M
Applied Cryptography - B. Schnier.pdf2018-01-22 18:108.4M
Applied Cryptography 2nd Edition: Protocols, Algorthms, and Source Code in C.pdf2018-01-22 18:108.4M
Applied Cryptography and Network Security 2015.pdf2018-01-22 18:1023.1M
Applied Cryptography and Network Security 2016.pdf2018-01-22 18:1015.6M
Applied Quantum Cryptography.pdf2018-01-22 18:104.9M
Coding Theory - J. C. Bowman.pdf2018-01-22 18:10476.6K
Complexity and Cryptography, An Introduction - J. Talbot, D. Welsh.pdf2018-01-22 18:103.3M
Contemporary Cryptography - R- Oppliger.pdf2018-01-22 18:117.7M
Cracking Codes and Cryptograms for Dummies (ISBN - 0470591005).pdf2018-01-22 18:1118.1M
crypto-spy.pdf2018-01-22 18:1181.3K
Crypto_Anarchist.pdf2018-01-22 18:1111.6M
Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices - W. Stallings.pdf2018-01-22 18:1152.9M
Cryptography for Developers - S. Johnson.pdf2018-01-22 18:115.0M
Cryptography for Dummies (ISBN - 0764541889).pdf2018-01-22 18:113.6M
Cryptography Theory And Practice - D. Stinson.pdf2018-01-22 18:1116.8M
Cryptology - Applied Cryptography 2ed.pdf2018-01-22 18:113.0M
Cyptonomicon.pdf2018-01-22 18:114.5M
encryption_works.pdf2018-01-22 18:111.3M
Exponential Sums in Coding Theory, Cryptology and Algorithms - I. E. Shparlinski.pdf2018-01-22 18:11356.7K
Foundations of Cryptography, A Primer - O. Goldreich.pdf2018-01-22 18:112.1M
Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography - D. Hankerson, A. Menezes, S. Vanstone.pdf2018-01-22 18:114.4M
Handbook of Applied Cryptography - A. J. Menezes, P. C. van Oorschot, S. A. Vanstone.pdf2018-01-22 18:114.6M
Handbook_of_Applied_Cryptography.pdf2018-01-22 18:1111.7M
Image and Video Encryption From Digital Rights Management to Secured Personal Communication - A. Uhl, A. Pommer.pdf2018-01-22 18:117.7M
introduction_to_modern_cryptography.pdf2018-01-22 18:113.6M
Military Cryptanalysis - W. F. Friedman.pdf2018-01-22 18:1147.5M
Modern Cryptography, Theory and Practice.pdf2018-01-22 18:1117.8M
Modern Cryptography: Applied Mathematics for Encryption and Information Security.pdf2018-01-22 18:1113.7M
Public-Key Cryptography PKC 2017.pdf2018-01-22 18:119.9M
Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering.pdf2018-01-22 18:1110.6M
subfolder1/2018-01-22 20:53-
subfolder2/2018-01-22 21:03-
The Codebreakers.pdf2018-01-22 18:111.4M