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BackTrack 5 Cookbook.pdf2018-01-20 09:4629.9M
Computer Security Handbook, 6th Edition.pdf2018-01-20 09:4628.8M
Cryptography and Network Security, 6th Edition.pdf2018-01-20 09:4611.6M
csabootcampday11516136596700.pdf2018-01-20 09:4623.8M
ddos.pdf2018-01-20 12:48956.4K
Hacking Basic Security, Penetration Testing and How to Hack.pdf2018-01-20 09:45465.5K
Hacking For Dummies, 5th Edition.pdf2018-01-20 09:4611.2M
Intermediate Security Testing with Kali Linux 2.pdf2018-01-20 09:4621.1M
Kali Linux CTF Blueprints.pdf2018-01-20 09:453.5M
Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook.pdf2018-01-20 09:465.1M
Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development.pdf2018-01-20 09:469.1M
Learning Nessus for Penetration Testing.pdf2018-01-20 09:464.3M
Penetration Testing with BackBox.pdf2018-01-20 09:463.6M
Penetration Testing with the Bash shell.pdf2018-01-20 09:465.9M
Penetration Testing.pdf2018-01-20 09:4612.6M
random_stuff/2018-03-16 18:28-
rfc2828.txt2018-01-20 09:39477.8K
The InfoSec Handbook.pdf2018-01-20 09:468.7M