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Area of circle.pdf2018-02-16 04:21220.6K
HKYMHASC_2017_Q.pdf2018-03-04 05:11411.9K
HKYMHASC_2017_s.pdf2018-03-04 05:11352.6K
IMG_3195.HEIC2018-03-04 04:581.7M
Method of bisection.xlsx2018-02-16 04:2735.2K
Perimeter of circle.pdf2018-02-16 04:22224.6K
Prove Multinomial Theorem.pdf2018-02-16 04:13281.5K
Pyth Thm.png2018-03-04 05:0455.4K
q2013.pdf2018-03-04 05:11208.9K
q2015.pdf2018-03-04 05:11404.5K
s2013.pdf2018-03-04 05:11174.4K
s2015.pdf2018-03-04 05:11245.3K
Spherical Coordinates.mp42018-02-16 04:1732.7M
Surface area of sphere.pdf2018-02-16 04:23218.5K
Volume of sphere.pdf2018-02-16 04:24218.3K
wejfehu.jpg2018-03-04 05:041.9M